How could it possibly be May twentieth already? We’re all variously trapped-inside, but with familiarity comes comfort, and it seems that time’s speeding up again. Yesterday was early March, and we were worried about staff meetings and schedules – tomorrow is September. A thousand years ago, I remember taking a bus to eat a burrito. Time used to pass painfully slow, now mostly it’s like the future is crashing towards us at maximum speed, streaming by on every side.

At least our neighborhood cats have all declared war on each other outside, so we have entertainment to keep us company. There’s always that.

This week’s Mass Transit Hologram is about a deep, electronic future washing up on the shore, and slowly bleaching into everyday life. In 2020, you miss the familiar tedium of the everyday commute. In 3099, you’ve just got off your early shift at the Light Bar, and you’re waiting at the stop to catch your holo back home. The ride arrives, but there’s no wallet in your pocket, and no credits in your account. You hate this town, but the sun hits the horizon through the smog of the city, refracting into a rainbow of heavy neon hues and stretching long shadows between the alleyways. It’s alright. At least you didn’t forget your music this time.

Transports zip by overhead as you begin the walk home.

Coming up next week: Reading Break