Part two of Festival of Wax is out in the wild! It’s a Horror game I made just for you!

The longest Hallowe’en of your life continues over on, where you can play all chapters for free and in your browser, because Twine is kind of a miracle for people who love telling scary stories. Each episode is a loosely-standalone Horror vignette connected by a frame narrative about wax, candlewicks and Hallowe’en magic. By the end it will be a bit over an hour long, depending on how quickly you read.

It promise gets weird real fast, and that it only gets stranger from there.

So far we have:

Festival of Wax: Chapter I: In which our hero (you!) makes a series of extremely weird decisions in a caravan in the woods.

Festival of Wax: Chapter 2: The weird decisions continue as the haunted forest, a spooky village and one extremely suspicious moon get involved. What the hell is going on with that moon, anyways?

I’ll keep this one short because it turns out that making a Horror game from scratch is hard work, even if it’s just text! If you’ve been reading along, thanks so much for checking out my weird little project. Last year I snuck one poem into the Long Hallowe’en series. So this year I’m making… five small games.

By that logic I guess I’m writing a novel for next year? Happy Hallowe’en, we’re almost there!

This has been entry 22/31 of The Long Hallowe’en 2021!