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October 2022

PCDD15: Lavender Coffin

Hallowe'en's got the blues in the fifteenth edition of PCDD Radio! Settle in for an hour and a half of haunted graveyards, midnight trains, salvation and record static.

Rave In the Grave with Crypt (+ Chipped!) of the Necrodancer

A nightclub-tomb shudders to the beat in this Indie classic. Meanwhile beneath the cemetery, Chipzel soundtracks the best Chiptune Hallowe'en Party ever. Can you survive without losing the rhythm?

Drawing A Perfect Circle in Ring of Pain

In a dark and lonely place, a ring of cards demands a choice. Simon Boxer's Ring of Pain lights up Hallowe'en with a wild, inside-out take on Roguelike deckbuilding. Let's lose over and over for fun!

Trick or Treat! It’s The Long Hallowe’en X!

Hallowe'en is back in town! Every year we seem to need it more. I've missed you folks, I've missed scary movies, and I've missed diving into what makes Hallowe'en and Horror tick. Let's start with a keynote!

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