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The Long(est) Hallowe’en 31: Saving Hallowe’en with Candy Chutes

The very last my October series is all about Candy Chutes, the DIY hero that might have saved more than just Hallowe'en. Until next year, Happy Hallowe'en!

The Long(est) Hallowe’en 28: The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

Either this record is haunted, or I'm just haunted by it. Either way, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes is an unsettling, bizarre classic with a fascinating story to tell.

Bioshock Infinite in 2020

Bioshock Infinite is a masterwork of interactive storytelling, but in 2020 it's impossible to overlook its major flaw. Let's talk about Daisy Fitzroy and the Vox.

For Mr. Chi Pig

The first time I met Mr. Chi Pig he tried to fight me. A collection of stories about the strangest friend I've ever had. Rest in Peace, Chi.

On Reading

A very special Recency Bias on why I stopped reading and how I figured out how to start again.

PCDD Radio 6: Reading Break

Episode 6 is dedicated to Nujabes and the Aruarian Dance. It's time for lo fi chill beats to grow up in a small town to.

PCDD Radio 5: West Coast Get Down

We're back with an important message, and almost two hours of West Coast Get Down's greatest.

PCDD Radio 4: Jamie and Mike

Black Lives Matter. We have an obligation to do whatever we can to help. Something has to change.

Recency Bias: Frostpunk

In which I write fanfiction, and try to sell you on a snowy misery simulator. It's fun! ish!

I Remember Hallowe’en

Digging into why I love Hallowe'en more than any other holiday, and will never ever stop.

The Long Hallowe’en Playlist 2019

It's October: I got possessed (GET IT) to make the ultimate spooky party playlist, 2019 Edition. It's the Long Hallowe'en again, folks.

On Procrastination

If ever I want to get a thing done, all I have to do is focus my attention on trying to get any *other* thing done. What a talent.

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