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Trick or Treat! It’s The Long Hallowe’en X!

Hallowe'en is back in town! Every year we seem to need it more. I've missed you folks, I've missed scary movies, and I've missed diving into what makes Hallowe'en and Horror tick. Let's start with a keynote!

Festival of Wax: Chapter II

The longest Hallowe'en of your life continues with a haunted forest, the treacherous brambles and a seriously weird moon. Play my spooky game for free on!

0_abyssalsomewhere Is The Epitome of Atmospheric Horror

The world of 0_abyssalsomewhere is dead, dreaming, or both. 2018's most striking Horror game defies understanding to conjure a stunning, atmospheric experience.

Nick Cave And Hollow Knight Meet In The Cat Piano

Tonight: two Horror stories for cats and the people who love them, along with a surprise Australian collaboration for the ages.

In His Darkest Hour, Garfield Is Utterly Alone

In October of 1989, Jim Davis published an unforgettable run of deeply cursed and amazing Horror strips. Believe it or not, let's talk about the Fear of Death with... Garfield.

Mickey Mouse Returns To Gothic Horror In Runaway Brain

Mickey gets zapped over money, Kelsey Grammer creates a monster, and Minnie shops at The Wet Rat. Disney's bizarre, vaulted Horror classic returns in: Runaway Brain!

PCDD14: Ouija Surf Board

Tonight on Death Drive Radio: an hour of Haunted Surf Rock and other oddities! I don't care that it's mid-October and we're in the middle of a wind warning. It's fake beach time.

‘First Job Survival Horror’ Yuppie Psycho Is A Corporate Scream

Baroque Decay's 'First Job Survival Horror' is an absolutely killer office comedy. It's funny, scary and utterly compelling. Join me at Sintracorp - they're hiring!

The Perfect Emptiness of Pulse / Kairo

Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 2001 techno-horror is a slow-burn waking nightmare that sticks with you long after its end credits. Watch this one with a friend.

Stories Untold Is The Strangest Thing

Stories Untold is a startlingly bold and sophisticated vision of dread. You think you've played immersive horror - but never quite like this.

Sinking into The Host

Thirteen years before Parasite, Bong Joon-ho explored the Monster Movie with a killer eye for storytelling. It's time to meet The Host.

Hallowe’en Story Club: Brian Evenson’s ‘No Matter Which Way We Turned’

An intense piece of Flash Fiction rounds out the first third of the Long Hallowe'en 2021! How many words does a writer need to scare us? Think shorter.

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