So for whatever reason, I’ve been fixated on space lately. I guess it makes sense – trapped up here in my tower 24/7 like I am (like so many of us are), the mind gets to wandering. How cool would it be to blast off at random, explore the cosmos, get as far from this apartment complex as possible? Hell, I’d settle for a worry-free trip across town – maybe to the record store or whatever. I think a lot of us would.

Remember bars? A bar would be so cool right now. I miss bars.

This week’s show is all about chasing that soaring feeling, blasting through the stars and landing on strange, distant worlds. Maybe it’s about loading up the freighter with space-junk and trucking across the sky. Maybe it’s about smoking like 10 pounds of weed in your uncle’s basement and thumbing through weathered Heavy Metal magazines. Something like that. Starting and looping back to the early 70’s, Space Loves You kicks into gear with Vancouverite Space Queen’s brand-new ‘Why Can’t I Move’, drifts through the star-fields of FM and La Planete Sauvage before going full kicking the warp-drive into psychedelia with Dungen, the pyramids of Giza Butler, and the incomparable, inexplicable Acid Mother’s Temple.

What it’s not is a full hour of Rush and Hawkwind. So be proud of me. Maybe next time. But it is a trip, a trip far, far away. I hope you like it, and I hope you’re keeping safe out there, astronauts. ❤

Coming up next week: Mass Transit Hologram